Design Concepts

Design Concepts

Surface Development

EDAG Surface Operations – perfect surfaces

For Surface Operations surface development is an important interface between design and the downstream development departments. Experienced studio engineers help to find the right balance between design requirements and technical feasibility. One way of doing this is with virtual models, which we use for the initial representation of the three-dimensional design.

Styling data and design information are brought together when we are working on the creation of the visible surfaces of a new interior or exterior. In this way, we ensure the feasibility of the design models at each stage of their development. This process begins with the first concept surfaces for the styling check and ends with the handover of the class A surface for series production. This also includes the complex design convergence process.

In addition, we also work with our EDAG-Feynsinn experts to create photorealistic images and virtual reality scenarios. In this way, virtual design models and show cars are created, and these support our work with the model making department.

Model Making

EDAG Physical Models – turning visions into models

Our model making centres create high-precision physical models of future vehicles and products. Craftsmanship, attention to detail and a feeling for perfect surfaces are what characterise our model makers.

The parallel design produced by the model making department's development modellers guarantees that a structurally validated basis is established for the models.

At an early stage in the design process, our electric/electronic specialists ensure that HMI, light, lamps and electrical components all work properly. Using state of the art production technology to ensure cost-effective, on-schedule solutions is for us a matter of course.


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